A Call to Activists

In an effort to help support and protect activists in documenting and sharing photos/videos of their participation in protests/demonstrations, The Rashomon Project aims to equip activists with a video toolkit that can help them share media artifacts safely while providing a multi-window display for viewing a full-picture re-creation of an event or specific incident. We are currently seeking activist participants in helping to test and further develop the effectiveness of The Rashomon toolkit. If your organization has an upcoming event and is interested in using our toolkit, or if you have an archive of videos from a past event you are interested in synching and displaying on our website, please contact:

Ken Goldberg
Faculty Director, CITRIS Data and Democracy Initiative

***Please Note: We are extremely sensitive to protecting the identities of all participants, and will take every measure to ensure that participant identities remain completely confidential by offering optional face-blurring for all video submissions, maintaining the privacy of all our correspondences, and scrubbing video data of any identifying information. We understand for many activists, the stakes are high, and confidentiality and protecting participants is our utmost priority.

We are also currently looking for students to participate in a research study on the UC Berkeley Campus!

Please e-mail Ken Goldberg (goldberg@berkeley.edu) if you’re interested: