1 UC Davis Pepper Spray Incident, Nov. 18, 2011: This link includes 9 different video angles of the student protests at the UC Davis campus, centered around the now-infamous moment when a UC police officer sprays down seated demonstrators with pepper spray. Videos were mined from YouTube, and synced through visualization of audio waveforms and visual cues (notably when the orange mist first appears from the canister):

2 Raid on Taksim Square, June 11, 2013 – In Open Adjustable:This link includes footage from Istanbul mined from YouTube, and attempts to re-create a working timeline from the police dispersion of protestors, centered around police using tear gas and water cannons on a man in a wheelchair waving a Turkish flag.

This link is also presented in open-adjustable, meaning users can experiment with moving videos around in the timelines.

Press “Unlock Positions” to begin moving videos. We are also inviting users to submit related footage from this day tohttp://rashomonproject.org/experimental/upload/
Please include Taksim Square (Description) Istanbul (Location) and June 11 (Date) in the fields. Videos will be uploaded and displayed at the link above within 24 hours of upload.

3 Occupy Gezi Park; Police Subdue Protestors with Water Cannons, May 31, 2013: This link includes footage mined from YouTube of the recent conflicts between protestors and state authorities in Istanbul, Turkey, centered around what has become a viral image of one protestor being brutally mowed down by a water cannon seen from two angles, synched through visual cue and audio waveform:

4 Dramatization of Campus Funding Cuts, July 26, 2012:This re-enactment represents an initial attempt at synching and displaying, relying heavily on temporal metadata from Android and iPhone devices, with face blurring option activated: